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Remodeling: DWV for a 2 story Cape Code style home

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I am designing a DWV for a 2 story remodel (with the aid of a retired plumber). The second story toilet is stacked over the first floor.

My question is: Does the first floor toilet need a separate vent that will tie into the 3 inch vent above the second story toilet or can it use the drain from the second story toilet  (ie went vent). All the articles I have seen always show a simple single toilet installation.

Other notes: west  second story wet wall contains a toilet and sink

                     west first story wet wall contains a toilet and shower


 Please advise

Code or not I can't say but I (post #206806, reply #1 of 2)

Code or not I can't say but I do know water always seeks its own level.  If you get a clog downstream on the 1st floor toilet and flush the 2nd floor john that "water" is coming out the first floor toilet.  If all the bedrooms are on the second floor and  you do your daily duties up their at night or in the morning, you might not find out about the clog until you go down for breakfast the next day.

I gather that local codes are (post #206806, reply #2 of 2)

I gather that local codes are all over the map with regard to permitting a "wet vent" in this situation.  Your plumber friend should know what local inspectors like to see.

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