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Rubber water guard on shower door?

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About a year after moving into our first [cookie cutter] home the standalone shower in the master bath had a problem with the rubber water guard at the bottom of the shower door coming off. Its nothing more than a 1" to 5/4" wide stripe (30" long) piece of rubber held in place with a brass strip via 4-5 brass screws.

I've long since removed this guard, meaning to replace the rubber, and only recently discovered that I cannot find a replacement piece of rubber. Home Depot could not help me at all, admitting they had nothing. Lowes, well, I could find it myself nor anyone to help me look. Tomorrow I will try Ace Hardware, but I am wondering what these yokesters think homeowners are suppose to do ... buy a whole new shower door!?!

Any advice and or enlightenment would be appreciated.

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You might check over by hardware where they have backer rod and weather stripping.  A door sweep comes to mind.


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I did while I was in HD, but they had nothing as simple as a strip of rubber. Simply boggled my mind.

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We had a shower door made by a shower door and glass company, go figure. The sealer on the bottom of the door is a plastic channel with a silicone sweep underneath that just press fits on the bottom edge of the door. I think door is 5/16 thick. When they did the install the guy had a 10' stick of the stuff and he just cut it to length. I would suggest finding a shower door or glass company nearby and see if they would sell you a length of the channel. Mine sweeps directly on the tile curb not onto a track. Frameless door.


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How about contacting the manufacturer of the shower door?

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I would, if I knew who made it. I cannot find anything on the framing, glass, etc. that indicates the manufacturer. BTW, I was browsing on Home Depot's website and they do have a product. Its called a Show Door Sweep. Their website lists Prime Line Products 36" Flat Show Door Sweep Model 825050 with HD SKU 100051422 for a whopping $1.94. Unfortunately, I did not see this in their store the other day. Either I overlooked it (and their employees clueles of it) or its not a regularly stocked retail item. I will check again today.

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How about a garage door weatherstripping? As long as you just need rubber...

Please don't be mad at HD or any other big box when you come in for something and don't know who made it! We are not THAT type of hardware store. The products are limited to what sells and not what was in still 10+ years ago. Look for a maker name on the door and if none, then that probably explains why the strip failed..

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Actually, I got made when the retail store didn't have a HD SKUed item I yanked from their website, nor any similar product to cover the same function their website had a product for.

Anyway, six visits and four HDs later I actually found it. Wait a second, actually I didn't find it. Someone that actually knew what the heck they were doing in HD found it and pointed it out to me. Evidentally, extremely few of the HD people know where anything is, let alone what is and isn't carried within the retail setting.

I explicitly asked if they had a product by any manufacturer and was told 'no' from customer service, and the fact was they did. It just took six visits to four stores to find the right person. That problem is solved.

Now I've got to tear out an entire shower.

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Longshot here...but hoping you still have this email address...


You mention that you finally found the plastic part. What was it, specifically?  I need to get one too, and I have been to HD and Lowes and they refer me to the manufacturer (which I do not know)


Walk in shower with some sort of plastic water splash guard at bottom of door. Its cracked, split, missing small pieces, etc. Has to be about 15 year old, I'm guessng. I can slide it out to clean it, but it is very hard to put back in since it has alot of cracks. I just need this little plastic piece.



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There were/are several shower door manufacturers, if you post a picture of the parts and overall look of the door (handles/top rail, you might get lucky and one of us has used that type.

Otherwise, Kohler, Splendor, Basco, American name just a few.  Have you done a search and some inquiries of them?

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Just back from buying one at local Lowe's.  Employee said you would never find them if you didn't know where to look.  Behind a floor model swinging shower door are numerous replacement parts.  The door has to be swung open to discover the hanging display.  As well, on end of same aisle was discreetly hanging there a vertical line of roll of same guard material somewhat larger (and, obviously quite transparent... clear rubber in a clear pkg.)  Good luck with same! 

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I work in the glass business, shower door seals can be found at a company called CR Laurence.  Their website is  They have a shower door section that shows the different types of sweeps available.  I am not sure if you have an all glass door or a fully framed door.  Take a look at this site and see if this helps - if you haven't found a solutin yet.

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Thank you for posting a source.

Perhaps you could come back often as there's questions about glass and shower components that don't often get an educated answer.


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