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Staining Countertops

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I have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors in my kitchen and planning to install butcher-block countertops.  I would like to stain the countertops but I’m not sure of a color that would go well with the floors.

I was leaning towards a dark walnut or oak color. Does anyone have any suggestions for a stain color that would complement a Brazilian Cherry Floor?

Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Kirk (post #210283, reply #1 of 3)

In a kitchen especially, colors and finishes should all compliment each other.  Counters interact with the cabs as well as the splash, more so than the floors........which in turn as a group are balanced by/with the floor.

you have to think of the whole package.  Wall color is the easiest to change if necessary.

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What you need to do is get a (post #210283, reply #2 of 3)

What you need to do is get a sample of the flooring, stained and finished as it will be, and samples of the countertop material, stained with your various options.  Then get someone with a good (usually female) eye to compare the samples and pick out the best.

You need to remember that different woods stain differently, so it's not simply a matter of picking what looks good in the book, but what looks good on real samples of the materials you will be using.

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Staining Countertops (post #210283, reply #3 of 3)

I have attached several images to give a better idea of what I am trying to achieve… see attachment. 

I do have a floor sample given the flooring is installed throughout the rest of the house.  I also have a section of butcher-block countertop that I have used for sampling different stains. Cabinets are white shaker with white shelves up top. The wall color will be very close to what you see in the image.

The color on the countertop in the image is what I am leaning toward and I have achieved that color in my testing. In the second image you see the color of my hardwood floors. I am not very good at color coordination, so I guess I am asking for options or suggestions.

Do the colors you see complement each other or clash or would going lighter on the countertops be a better choice? I realize that much of this, blending colors is a matter of personal taste mixed with some science. It’s just that I am not very good at it

I have asked friends but it seems the people I know aren’t any better at picking colors than I am.

So what do you think?

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