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T Molding and laminate

d7sSrRUNMq's picture

Over the years I've done many laminate counter tops, post formed as well as custom built, a couple of odd laminate cabinets as well.  I've never worked with t molding however.  Recently I got a job making some table tops for a local restraunt, and the owners would like it edged with, you guessed it?  The tops are 1 3/16" thick with the laminate on, corners radiused to 2", and the t molding is 1 1/4" wide, and about 3/32 thick.  When it's installed and trimmed, I can still get hold of the edge with a fingernail and flex it.  I'm wondering if I should glue it in addition to pounding it into the slot?  If so what type of glue?  And does anyone know a tirick to cut it to length so the ends meet well?  I'd think a mirror cutting technique, but the T part gets in the way, so that probably just leaves the brain surgery method?