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tempered glass

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I purchased a shower enclosure for a neo angle shower. I was told the glass is tempered. When I was inserting the glass into the suppurting channels I chipped the glass. Very small pieces 1/4 in by 1/16. I thought tempered glass wouldn't chip.

Did I purchase tempered glass?

Also the door is so heavy that the hinges slip when I open the door. I was given rupper gaskets for the door hinges but they do not hold despite the fact that i tightened them as much as possible. Someone said there should be plastic washers to fit over the bolts. ??

Tempered glass is very hard (post #205571, reply #1 of 1)

Tempered glass is very hard but also somewhat brittle, and if you chip an edge the next thing that generally happens is the entire piece of glass shatters into a million small pieces.  However if the chip is very narrow--1/16th is pretty narrow--it might survive this and still be tempered.  Tempered glass is very, very strong in resisting lateral forces, but it is weak along the edges--a blow to the edge of any tempered piece generally spells it's doom--generally it immediately shatters into a million pieces.  If the shower enclosure you have is tempered (and it SHOULD be), you have been very lucky in it's surviving this.  The other alternative is the glass isn't really tempered.