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Tie in bath vent to kitchen vent?

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I'm doing a bathroom remodel.  I want to install a vent in the bath and tie it into the existing kitchen vent.   The kitchen vent, on the other side of the shared interior wall, is for an over the stove microwave vent.  It is 6" pipe with one 90 degree bend.  The existing kitchen run is vertical from unit to just below the ceiling (it's contained in a soffit) , then the bend for the horizontal 6' run to the outside wall. 

My plan is to open the bath wall at the ceiling/wall area to access the existing kitchen vent run, then tie in the bath vent with a Y connection.  Will this vent properly?  Or will the bathroom smell like bacon and the kitchen fog up from the shower??

Both fans should have (post #207160, reply #1 of 2)

Both fans should have "flapper" valves to prevent backflow.  But it might be wise to install inline flappers as well.

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Thanks for the feedback.  In (post #207160, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for the feedback.  In doing more research I'm now looking at inline fans.  Any problem you can see in placing one of these in the run downstream from the microwave fan? And yes I'd put in a flapper between the inline & the microwave.