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Vent kitchen hood down?

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On our current project's kitchen hood venting, the shortest run with the least number of turns is actually up to a soffit, across the ceiling, and *down* behind a shallow cabinet before going out to daylight. Any reasons we shouldn't be doing this? 


You should check the specs & (post #213039, reply #1 of 2)

You should check the specs & installation info for the hood (likely you can find them online) and see if this is allowed.

You want to avoid any low spots in the duct that could collect moisture or grease.

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your hood specs will give you the figures to calculate max total run length with deductions for the turns etc. if the numbers allow I would not be concerned with the run you laid out....


you do some sort of extreme cooking.

after many kitchen remodels I think I've only seen one exhaust problem.  A whole lot of wok cooking and everything within a few ft of that stove was sticky.


I wonder the infatuation of kitchen exhausts.  Must be the elimination of moisture or heat, but personally there's nothing like the aroma of a kitchen.

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