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Working Soapstone

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I just bought 3 slabs of soapstone (3'x4'x1"). I intend to use it for an island top and for countertop on a kitchen remodel I'm doing.

Has anyone here worked with soapstone before, and can you give me any tips?

From what information I can find, it sounds like it can be cut with a masonry blade and a power saw. What about the edges? Can I use a solid surface bit in the router to put an edge on it or is my best bet just try to round off the sharp edge after cutting. It is fairly smooth now, but I plan to sand the heck out of it all the way to a super super fine wet sandpaper. (almost a polish, if you will) How can I seal it,or do I want to? Is a polish sufficient? If it is a soft as it appears, could I route for an inlaid butcher block? (maybe an 1/8" or 1/4" deep, just to keep the butcher block from moving)

Why did I buy it if I have never used it before? Because I paid $20 per slab at an auction.

Thanks for any and all advice


I put soapstone in the (post #204441, reply #1 of 2)

I put soapstone in the kitchen a few years ago. You can cut it with diamond or masonry blades in your circ. saw.

You can do an edge treatment with anr carbide router bit. If your stone is smooth now, try putting mineral oil on it. I don't know if you can "polish" it. Look it up on the internet for more info. BTW, $20 each- you deserve a u suck :).

Most power woodworking tools (post #204441, reply #2 of 2)

Most power woodworking tools will work on soapstone.  Have a good time with it - if you don't like the results you're not out much.  :)




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