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I have a circa 1880 porch ceiling composed of beadboard - getting the surfaced prepared for repainting is impossible.  The homeowner has decided to settle on a smooth painted surface.

The porch is protected but exposed to weather.  Some areas are 15' long.   Looking for materials similar to drywall/handiboard that can be installed over existing beadboard .  Then I can tape the joints and create a single large smooth surface to paint.   Moldings in the feild and popcorn treatment are not acceptable.  The look and cost of replacement beadboard planks (15') is out of the park. Total area circa 300 sq. foot. 

How about hardi panels or (post #205915, reply #1 of 2)

How about hardi panels or drywall?

I wouldn't use hardi panels myself.  You cant countersink the fasteners.

I would go for this drywall if you can get it.

Also consider PVC.

Moisture resistant drywall, (post #205915, reply #2 of 2)

  • Moisture resistant drywall, taped with "setting type" compound.
  • Hardboard ("masonite") panels, with the seams left showing or caulked.  (You can try to tape them but it rarely works.)

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