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DoorBell Wire Gauge???

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I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what and if there`s a proper "wire gauge" for a mechanical doorbell? I ran a 26 AWG wire to my new bell from the transformer to the doorbell and to the chime. Still can not get the chime to work. The bell itself works cause it makes a ding dong outside but the chime inside. Thx for your assistance.

How many meters of wire total (post #213777, reply #1 of 4)

How many meters of wire total ? 

What is current rating or your chime ?

#26 should be fine, unless (post #213777, reply #2 of 4)

#26 should be fine, unless the chime is a real current hog, in which case the transformer may not be adequate either.

I would guess you have some sort of wiring error.

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