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epoxy sealer and southern yellow pine or Red Cedar

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I'm doing and outdoor project in weather that's hot and cold. I was wondering if and Epoxy Sealer, iike Smith and Company, will work in Southern Yellow PIne in it's ability to keep knots more intact and will it's performance be lessened because of it's resins, or will that even matter?  Would Red Cedar maybe be a better option?

I have used a ton of West (post #216348, reply #1 of 1)

I have used a ton of West System epoxy. (Smith and Co seems like a thinned down version of West system to allow for penetration) It's great stuff and will totally keep knots intact the problem is it needs to be topcoated with spar varnish or poly to protect it from UV. 

You'll need multiple coats of varnish and it's a lot of work. It's worth it if you want a smooth finish but there will be maintenance coats needed for the rest of the project 's life. If it ever peels it would need to be stripped back to wood (even more work)

Red cedar can be stained and brought back to life fairly easily. Depending on what it is you are building Red Cedar would be my choice.