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Facia and Frieze help please

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Anyone who can help with information will be appreciated.

For a 4,000 sq foot house brick finished, what would be the price difference in percentage???


1.) Aluminum facia, frieze and vinyl soffit.

2.) Miratec board facia, frieze and vinyl soffit.

Many thanks

Miratec sounds like (post #194601, reply #1 of 2)

it would be fine along with any other simular wood type product (Collins Truwood, Smart Side trim etc) . As far as the vinyl and aluminum, I do not care for either of them (this is a personal preference). Aluminun is typically a thin piece that goes over a piece of wood that makes it a two step, two trade process, it will also dent easy in hail, vinyl has a tendency to expand and contract with hot and cold days, if it is not installed with enough of an overlap this will become a problem and can become brittle over time.  As far as the soffit consider using something with a continous vent to allow ample venting such as Hardi vented soffit or a LP Smart Side or simular product

He knows what they are.  He (post #194601, reply #2 of 2)

He knows what they are.  He asked for the price difference.

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