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glue for cherry

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glue for cherry (post #197536)


I need to do some work - a few rabbets/grooves on a cherry, from 10 to 60 inch long.

What type of glue would work better for cherry? My question really goes back to how tight the groove should be, concern is that if I use PVA (water based) I might not be able to fit it in since the cherry will expend once I apply the glue. So is there a glue that will work better?

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My dad used some sort of (post #197536, reply #1 of 2)

My dad used some sort of powder that he mixed with water.  Of course, that was 50 years ago.

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could that powder ... (post #197536, reply #2 of 2)

maybe have been urea formaldehyde? It is water resistant but a pita to use.

For cherry today I would use pva without too much worry about the swelling unless it was some really wierd situation.

Titebond  1,2, 3 or one of their clones, choice depending on the exposure.