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good choices for Exterior Doors?

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I'm new *here*, but have been on the Gatherings forum for a while, so I know Taunton attracts intelligence!

The time has come to replace our outside doors ~ so I'm looking to you-all for some "Good Guys/Bad Guys" input. Whose doors have you been delighted with? Which ones would you never buy again?
First, I need to narrow down the manufacturer choices. Finding a good installer comes after. (Located in the western suburbs of Chicago FWIW)

We need a 4-foot patio/slider and a false-double front (with a skin and dummy hardware on the outside, to look like it's two matching doors).

There are 2 HOA rules that must be met:

1) Dark brown exterior (bronze is okay for the patio, but the front must be paintable), and

2) No glass is permitted in the front door.

We aren't looking to move anytime soon, so "impressive name brand" isn't as important as actual quality, cost and efficiency. I'm willing to go with 2 different brands, if that makes sense.

Thanks, as always, for your insights, experience and advice!

Bright (if chilly) Blessings!