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Interior Ceiling and Wall finish for 3 season porch

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I am having a three season porch put on that is going to look somewhat like the included rough drawing (there is more non-window wall area then shown in the corners and the area under the windows is about 24", the windows will be casements).  I'm thinking of putting shiplap v-groove clear pine on the ceiling with a natural finish and am thinking of using the same material for the walls and gable ends running vertically, painted white.  The flooring is probably going to be some kind of stone or tile.  I am pretty well settled on the ceiling and flooring material but any opinions on using the shiplap as the wall finish?  Any ideas for other wall finishes?  I'd really like something other than sheetrock. How about a different wood choice for the ceiling or walls other than pine?  What other choices should I consider?  This is in a Cape Cod location.

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If you take a look here  , you'll see a screened porch I put on a house.  It has 1x12 shiplap # 2 pine on the ceilings.  The end gables and the wall against the house, a narrower paneling.  No V-groove.

The interior trims-verts and horiz's around the screens, sq. edged.

The ceiling, eventho insulated and vented has seen slight halo's from the knots (all interior finish is solid color stain.  We expected that and the customer loves it.

The end walls did not "bleed" or halo.

The floor is mortered in brick.

Personally, the V-groove on the ceiling would be nice, not so sure on the walls.  That many repetitive lines might make the eye go bonkers.  The lines of the shiplap are not so pronounced and are pleasing.

We also went horizontal on the end walls and the reason-up on the interior gables again, the lines of the boards not matching up (when your eye says it should) didn't give the customer what look they thought they'd like.  The couple runs atop the screen openings wrap the room and do line up.

Check it out and best of luck.

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We used T&G cedar, clear oil (post #205013, reply #2 of 2)

We used T&G cedar, clear oil varnish, applied vertically.  The oil varnish develops into a nice warm color with exposure to the sun.

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