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laminate countertop substrate

brooklynfasteddie's picture

I need to make a few countertops with a 25 inch width.
My laminate supplier only has particle board in 48 inch widths.
This will leave me with more waste than I want.
Ive heard there is 30" x 96 particle board available, i just dont know where.

He does have ultralight MDF in a 5 x 8 sheet.

Second part of the job involves laminating over an existing pennsula 37" x 120".
The piece is structurely sound, Id rather do it on site than take it back to the shop.

1- Can I use ultra light MDF as a substrate under Formica?
2-Does anybody know where I can get 30" wide particle board in the NY/NJ area.
   or at least a good cabinet supply yard. My last one closed

3- Any tips on applying new laminate over existing laminate?

Any info would be helpful. thanks