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lifetime roofing?

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Any input on the durability of Ondura roofing products? I'm comparing to metal and will be doing most of the work myself. 

Thanks, Lash66

I've seen them and would (post #190166, reply #1 of 2)

I've seen them and would never put them on anything inhabitable.

That product is fine for a (post #190166, reply #2 of 2)

That product is fine for a chicken coup.


Chickens have a short lifetime.

I heard the company was out of business or going there fast - no onger honoring their warrantees.

I replaced an ondura roof for a guy who had buiolt his own house and used the stuff. It was 8 years old and most of the granules coming off, and wearing thin enough to leak in spots. They paid him for half my labour and gave him the new material on warrantee.


Another 8-10 years goes by and I ask him how it's holding up?

He says he replaced it with steel roof a couple years ago when it started failing again.



Oh Well,

We did the best we could...