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Need to match a 50 year old cedar shingle siding

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I reconstructed an exterior wall and want to match the appearance of an adjacent wall which has 60 year old cedar shingles on it. I'd rather use a cement fiber product but can not find an appearance that has an 11 inch reveal pattern like the wood shingles. The shingles have an up and down slight "combed" texture (maybe an 1/8 inch depth) and are around 15 inches in length and have no visible seam between shingles, implying either that thay were a panel-like product themselves or the original installer butted them and finished them so it looks seamless as you look across the wall at them. Even if I opted to go with a cedar material, I can't find a similar texture in the bundles they sell as A-1 rated cedar at building supply stores (they are flat pieces of wood with no texture). Any matching ideas and where to get it?

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About page 3  you will find what you probably have-  a machine grooved shingle.

The application is with a larger exposure and so another course of "undercourse" shingle would be used below it (and held up a bit from the bottom of the grooved)-the install directions are in there too.  The undercourse shingle can be had in bundles sized for your application and are a lesser and cheaper grade.

I assume you have a true individual shingle, but after being painted a few times, you would think that they are a panel, the fit is so good and the grooves camoflage the joint.


I can get them from a real lumberyard-one that knows how to order something they don't usually carry.  We have several here in Toledo and a phone call is usually enough to generate a price and order.

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ok thanks for suggestion, I (post #205213, reply #2 of 7)

ok thanks for suggestion, I now think the GAF panel fiber cement board shingle with a wider profile 14 3/8 inches)could work for me

Those are machine grooved (post #205213, reply #3 of 7)

Those are machine grooved Western red cedar #1 R&R sidewall shakes. They come in a box, not a bundle like ordinary cedar shingles. Very often, they are primed and one of the more expensive red cedar products out there. They were popular in the 50's and 60's as a premium siding. Typically, they were installed over a celotex backer under each row. They are still available but hard to find. Normally installed single coverage over the backer.

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You're exactly right on your description. They are raised  slightly at the base of each row ( the backing material you mentioned or maybe another shingle underneath) and they were indeed installed in the mid 50's here in California. As they are hard to find I think I'm going to have to go with a replacement Gaf cement board product so I can mimic the reveal pattern and the striation pattern although it's not the same thing, as I don't know where to get boxes of red western cedar shingles here in California in 2011.

Lumberyard (post #205213, reply #5 of 7)

A real one.

I know you've got them there-not everything is HD or Blowes.  If I can get a WESTERN red cedar here, you sure as heck can get them there.

I'm glad Hammer mentioned the alternate backer (if still available) as that was used.  The few repairs/additions I've done here were the cheaper (than #1's) cedar backer shingle (which are nice to have around for shimming floors in these old and wavy houses.

Go to a lumberyard that's been around, look for the old guy or the owner and ask them-they'll be able to quote a price.

If the cement board variety mimmicks the look, and you don't have to mix them w/cedar and are more reasonable and you're not a purist (and nothing wrong with that), then what the heck-use 'em.

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You can send for a sample, I (post #205213, reply #6 of 7)

You can send for a sample, I think these are what you want and the price is very reasonable, even if you have them primed and grooved.

Used to be able to order the backer along with the shakes. This company makes it.

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thanks for the contact point (post #205213, reply #7 of 7)

thanks for the contact point