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Oak for outdoor structure

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I have several oak trees that I have had felled in my yard and want to build a purgola type structure with.  I know red oak is not the best materail for rot resistance and use outdoors, but wanted to see if anyone had any pointers on using that material is exposed or semi-exposed whether conditions.  I traded emails with Thompsons reps and they seem the believe as long as it soaks up water it can take a water proofing / preservaative coating.

I have the option to put a roof over most of the Framing, which is what I was planning on having sawed.  3x6's and other large size timbers are the types of cuts I'm planning to build with the give some presence to the structure.

Any thoughts on how to protect and if I should all together look at a different option.  The wood is here and will only cost me a few hundred bucks to have milled so I'm thinking I should try to use it for something other than fire wood!

I also have two maple logs that I plan to mill into 2" thick planks and 5/4" for use on other projects once dry as well.



While red oak isn't "rot (post #194451, reply #1 of 2)

While red oak isn't "rot proof", it will hold up to weather better than softwood, even if untreated.  If you don't take care of your structure it'll probably last 10-20 years, and of course with paint or some other heavy coating it could last much longer.

I wouldn't recommend Thompson's.

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It should be fine (post #194451, reply #2 of 2)

Heck, I have a 16' deep by about 42' wide pergola out by my pool where the superstructure (beams, joist and overlay) is all doug fir. Weathered to a nice silver gray the first year and no deterioration after almost 10 years of New England weather.

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