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outdoor decking material

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I am building a home with a front deck that is above an enclosed garage. I want to use a decking material that is also a roof and waterproof. Can you suggest one?

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hello it's Glenn here. A vinyl material called deck king. It's easy to apply over clean plywood. 60 mm thick is the best choice. Glue down with latex and use at least a 50 pound roller. By the vinyl edging and all the other bells and whistles you need for the job. Weld this seems together and weld he edged to the vinyl drip cap. this will make a very clean looking and durable roof. I'm a 30 year carpenter, with lots of experience in everything. If you want to go cheaper and appearance isn't that important what we call torch on is another option.bye for now lots of luck Glenn.

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Sorry it's been so long, but I just wandered over here from Breaktime.  Is this something you are looking for?


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Just wandered in here after renewing my Fine Cooking magazine. The pictures of your backyard project are incredible. Would you mind telling me about the turf stone ramp you put in. I've not heard of them here in the back woods of British Columbia but it sure might work for a slope problem in my back yard. And yes it is the middle of the night here but I can't sleep.

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Google is our friend:

Doing so gave me a number of manufacturers of the product.  Amongest the list, I found this guy:   or

Canada - British Columbia

Mutual Materials
Please call for a distributor near you.
Langley, BC Phone: (888) 816-2111

And then the specs:

Good luck.


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Thanks so much for your quick reply. I really appreciate it and will check out the stone and the application for my yard.