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Shingle Failures - Has anyone ever had a manufacturer back their product?

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My contractor called my yesterday about the shingles he put on my lakehouse in 2008 or 2009. He noticed that they are failing, but he looked because he put the same, Lifetime Warranty" shingles on his own house around the same time and noticed that his are failing too. He said he has had zero luck with the manufacturer, BP, which prompted me to start doing some research and it is not pretty. BP has been the subject of a class action lawsuit in both the US and Canada because of their product failures, but the problem is even bigger, they offer virtually nothing. A $6K reroofing job and they might offer $600 on a five-year failure! If you search for both BP and IKO shingle failures or warranties you will find thousands of people who have been sold shingles which failed and neither of these companies are honoring the warranties they advertise everywhere.

Is this normal in construction that no one talks about the faulty products being sold to customers and installed by our contractors?

Is going to court the only way manufacturers will stand anywhere near their product?

Just wondering if anyone has managed to get a shingle manufacturer to stand behind what they produce and sell. I'm also wondering whose product you put on your customers' roofs. If you choose BP or IKO, the customer should blame you.

Pretty much the norm.  I (post #211547, reply #1 of 3)

Pretty much the norm.  I won't buy Certainteed for the same reason.  You can sometimes get a little more out of them by joining a class action, but it usually means you have to wait years for your money, and you can't replace the roof until the official inspection has occurred.

The thing that really torqued me about Certainteed is that they continued to make the same bogus shingles for another 10 years after the problem had become obvious - probably 20 years total.  You could drive around our neighborhood and see which homes had Certainteed -- though sometimes only half a roof would be bad, with a clear dividing line between the good batch and the bad one.

Note that in your case, like ours, the problem is probably with one of their regional plants, and shingles in another part of the country might be just fine.

In general, shingle warranties are worthless.

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Shingle Failure (post #211547, reply #2 of 3)

Some of the shingles on my house failed to seal properly.  A heavy wind storm lifted the unsealed shingles and once this started sealed shingles came off too.  Lost about a third of the shingles.  A roofer that was going to do the re-shingle job pointed out to me the areas on the underside of the shingles where the sealing had not happened.  He suggested that I bring some samples to the manufacturer.  Manufacturer gave me some $ toward stripping and reroofing the entire house.  Manufacturer was Bird.  I haven't seen the the company name in a long time.  Maybe they were bought out. 

I've never dealt with this (post #211547, reply #3 of 3)

I've never dealt with this myself, but my dad did a few years back. I don't remeber the name of the manufacturer, but he decided taking them to court would be too much of a hassle and just sprung for a new roof. He got absolutely nothing after paying four grand for a new roof just five years prior.