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staining clapboards

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I have a Cape in Marion MA.  It's 25 years old.  I had some painters give me estimates on power washing and staining the cedar clapboards.   A few painters told me that the clapboards were in tough shape and not worth power washing.  They pointed out that they're split and curling on the sunny side of the house.  They felt power washing would make them split even more.  So, I had a few carpenters look at them.  The carpenters agreed that the clapboards should be replaced. 

Last week, I bought pre primed, finger jointed red cedar clapboards from Home Depot.  The label on the boards indicates they're manufactured by Fenway Forest Products.

Then, I chose a Cabot stain.

Today, the man I hired to paint and install the new clapboards wanted to confirm that the primer was oil based because the Cabot stain is oil based.  Home Depot doesn't know.  In fact, they seem to know very little about this product that they're selling.  So, I asked them for Fenway Forest's phone number.  They don't have it.

I googled Fenway Forest Products and found only one mention.  A company by that name was in Darien, CT.  However, the phone is no longer in service.   So, I'm afraid they've gone out of business and I don't know where to get the information regarding the primer.

Lowes told me that their pre primed clapboard is manufactured by Prime Tech and has an oil based primer.  I wish I had bought their product, but it's too late now.  Lowes believes Home Depot's clapboard is also primed with an oil based primer, but how can I find out for sure?  

Please help!