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steel/wood rafters

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I have four sagging rafters in garage in my 1952 home. They are 2x6 and all side by side. All four have knots in about the same location, resulting in sagging. I got 4 2x6s to sister these, but that's a lot of weight to add side by side. So, Im thinking of using angle iron, as least for two of them.


4/12 pitch. 12.5' rafter length. Single layer of shingles, which will be removed and replaced soon. House has no trusses or rafter ties. I will be adding a few rafter and collar ties.


wood vs steel (post #209895, reply #1 of 3)

I doubt weight is a problem if you had rather deal with wood instead of steel.  Also you might consider LVL's.  A little more strength/ weight ratio.

I don't see steel angles as a solution.

Sister away, the additional (post #209895, reply #2 of 3)

Sister away, the additional weight is of no consequence at all. You'll need to cut the old rafters in the center to get the roof pushed back up to a flat plane.

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consult with a professional structural engineer (post #209895, reply #3 of 3)

Consult with a professional structural engineer for your specifc job situation.

If you take the structural advice of anyone besides those willing to put their professional engineering seal on thier solution, then you're more of a fool than those posting their ignorant suggestions.