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Suggestions for matching 1x12 t&g panels from 1940

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I'm trying to find a good match for some 1x12 t&g panels that are used in my home. The pattern is very close to the WWPA WP-3 standard, but doesn't appear to match exactly when I measure.  My panel seems to have a smaller pattern, and also the length of the board appears to be 11 1/2 and not 11 1/8----besides I can't find anyone who stocks this WP-3 pattern any ways.

So I'm looking for suggestions on replicating this pattern?  Should I just buy regular 1x12 t&v v-groove and try to route the pattern myself, or is this just best to go to a local millwork. I have very littler experience with a router, but I am also very motivated.  Can anyone recommend a lumber dealer or millwork in the Sacramento CA area. See attached image which includes the wp-3 pattern and a side profile of my panel I'm trying to match.  Again, the measurements on my panel seem to be smaller.



Actually, that's not tongue (post #204511, reply #1 of 3)

Actually, that's not tongue and groove but rather a form of drop-lap siding.  "Channel-lap" is probably the closest description of the common ones, but that doesn't describe the surface design.

It would be very hard to make this yourself unless you own a planer machine -- a router would be exceedingly tedious and would produce less than ideal results (though it could probably be made to work if you only need 1 or 2 sticks).

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Nate (post #204511, reply #2 of 3)

that channel lap siding panel recently was still available here in NWOh.  However, it came in varying widths.  If you were trying to match in other areas of the wall, I don't think the 3/8's diff. width would be noticable.

A good yard with a millshop might just have the knives to run your boards, check around your area wherever that is.

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Actually the panel I have is (post #204511, reply #3 of 3)

Actually the panel I have is t&g, but the drawing (wp-3 standard) is channel/ship lap.  The photograph is actually the panel I have, andyou can see the t&g---the groove is actually broken.  I only put the drawing there as it sort of showed the routing design I'm trying to accomplish.  I'll start searching around Sacramento for a mill that might be able to do this.  If not, I might try procurring regular v-groove 1x12 pine, and then just routing the top section---I don't imagine this will go very well though.  The good news is I only have a 6 foot run (see photo).

The design is actually 3 boards high, but it appears they cut the bottom board, and top board, and only the middle board is the full 1x12 width (see photo).  

Thanks for any suggestions....


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