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Will the angle iron work for my span

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Will a 1/4 in think angle iron work on a 9ft opening with 3 or 4 course of hollow block above it thw pieces I have are 12ft long and 3x3x1/4 blocks are 8x8x16 no roof wieght bearing on wall

Uh, the thickness of the (post #216301, reply #1 of 3)

Uh, the thickness of the metal is less important than the dimensions of the ell.  You need to support 800-1000 pounds.  There are some calculators online, but I haven't worked my way through them.

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no way just too (post #216301, reply #2 of 3)

no way

just too check.


section mod = 0.56

moment = = w*lsq/8 = 52k

w= about 20# inch  =  12 in long block, 4 courses * 60 # block?

l == 144

52k needs to be less than  20ksi*0.56  = no

now, the 20ksi is code allowable, yield say 70ksi 

still likly to bend unless reall light weight block (< 10#/block)

Also i was going to put one (post #216301, reply #3 of 3)

Also i was going to put one on each side