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Cali Bamboo composite decking

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I am a general contractor in the Lincoln, NE area and have a client that wants a composite deck installed. I gave them samples of Timbertech and Trex they really liked the Timbertech but dont like the price so much. They recently contacted me with a new product called Bamdeck made by Cali Bamboo. The product looks vey nice and durable plus we like the fact that it is 100% recycled material and the cost is cheaper. The problem is that we cant find many reviews so if anyone on here has heard of this product good or bad please post.

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I have worked with Cali Bamboo on several projects and have always had a positive experience.  I have not used thier decking but here is a review that I found.  I hope this helps. 

I recently purchased composition decking material, Bamdeck (30% recycled bamboo and 70% recycled plastic) from Cali Bamboo that was used to build a 300sf deck on my home in Arlington, Texas. It was a very easy process to order this material and have it shipped. Once I received the Bamdeck planks both myself and the contractor was extremely happy with the quality of the plank (very dense and uniform). The deck was recently completed and I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who would want a quality, low maintenance deck"

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That's awesome you used or are enlightening your clients about using composite materials in lieu of wood. 

I think my favorite thing about composite materials like Azek, or Bamdeck products is that it is great for the forests and the endangered species being threatened by deforestation. People need to start caring more about the environment, people, and animals effected by those cutting down trees in Africa, Brazil and Asia so they can have a nice long lasting deck. 

The good news is the new composite pvc materials look GREAT and don't require maintenance.Luckily many of the highend homeowners and deck builders are finally starting to push pvc, and recycled decking more and more. There are many manufactuers who make similar products but I know the Azek material can be manipulated and milled just like and sometimes better than wood, but any manufactured composite material is better then cutting down the forest homes of many species that are threatened. 

Please look into using this material before you choose an exotic hardwood. Keep it up. 

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4 years later.....did your (post #203946, reply #3 of 3)

4 years later.....did your client end up going with Cali Bamboo?  If so, can I ask what you thought of the product and if they were happy with the finished product?  We are currently researching this decking as well and it is very hard to find reviews.  Thanks!