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Cat repellent

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Cat repellent (post #176302)

We bought a house a year ago and it seems that the local cats think our yard is the local litter box.  They like the flower beds or under the porch or entry way too. 

Between the smell and finding their *$#%* in the flower beds.... Is there anything which will keep these things away.  I've tried commercial brand pellets which have black pepper oil, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

Any ideas.

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Big freaking dog!

I had the same problem with a house that I owned. Every time I ran into one I tried like crazy to scare them away. That worked some what. Your greater presence should deture them some what.

Thought there was a product on the market that worked for dogs and cats. A spray I thought. Might want to check your local College's cooperative research and extension or the state agriculteral department.


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Thank you.


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Now that I have a young dog it isn't a problem, but when my other dog was elderly, she was no longer able to do cat patrol and the cats were using my nice, soft veggie garden as their litter box. I strung two parallel lines of electrical wire around the 3 beds making a giant box basically. The 2 lines were if the cat jumped over the lower, it might 'nick' its tail on the upper. I left it up (and on) for a a week or two and haven't had an issue with cats since. (By the way, my dog was trained not to go near the veggie garden so she was safe. I touched the wire to assure I wasn't going to harm the cat. The shock was small, but attention getting.) Good luck!

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I have no flower beds and thankfully nothing nice other than the Bermuda grass for them to consider. But, I do have cat problems. We have a couple of house cats which means they are not allowed outside, nor allowed to come into contact with other cats unless its to look through glass. This is for health reasons.

Anyway, we have 5-6 screens on windows that now have to be replaced because of cats in the neighborhood have clawed at the screens in a vain attempt to get at our cats. I didn't realize cats were that stupid since there is glass just beyond the screen.

Anyway, because of the pollen, smog, etc., in the suburbs of Atlanta we don't even bother opening the Windows in early Spring or late Fall for fresh air. Makes no difference really since I house already breaths too much. Still, its an unfortune condition of a non-resident pet causing damage.

When I was in college in Florida I was told one day that cats and dogs do not like the smell of citrus, like lemon, etc.

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Politically incorrect ways but effective, BB gun or anti-freeze (the original yellowish green, not the non toxic stuff.)

Other methods go to a local farm supply place and get some electric fence (its low voltage, so it just a jolt). 

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I was just sort of browsing and never intended to comment but I can't help myself.  I can't see how suggesting the use of anti-freeze and BB guns is ever appropriate even if prefaced as politically incorrect.

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If a stupid cat scratches my car walking all over it, I would seek a PERMANENT solution.  Anti freeze is very sweet tasting.  You give a cat a choice between water and anti-freeze, they'll go with anti-freeze every time.  How is that my fault? 

I have a nice shine on my car.  thank you

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Antifreeze poisoning causes a prolonged, agonizing death.  There are humane ways destroying feral animals.  Also, placing poisonous substances out to kill domestic animals is legally prohibited in most jurisdictions.

The real problem is the people who allow pets to breed without control.  Many ferral cats are intact animals that were pampered pets until the males sttart to spray and the females come in heat. The irresponsible owners then dump the animal in another neighborhood. These cats are not able to make it alone and make a nuisance of themself seeking human companionship. 

Cats would not exist except for their creation by humans. We should be responsible for our creations by neutering and spaying all pets except those bred responsibly.