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Colors for a facade

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Hi there i am newbie... I would like to have some help with regards to choosing the colors of a facade, the drivein has grey and white tiles what colors would match with them?  

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What's a drivein? Anyway, just about any colors will go with white and grey. Maroon or sage green will give it a sort of deco look, red will be sort of retro and maybe remind them of a Ralley's burger joint, certain shades of blue could look nice. I'm not partial to orange anything and would like it even less with grey. To my mind, yellow would also not look that good unless offset by some black or purple (and that would be pretty, uh, "intense" looking I would think!). Sort of depends too if the grey is warm or cool, dark or light, has green tones or brown tones in it. If the grey seems to have a tone to it, you can either harmonize with it, or contrast with it.

Sorry to give you a whole lot of nothing, but maybe this will get someone else to respond. Normally when I reply here to a color question, I get jumped by about three people who strongly disagree with everything I've said. I do consider myself an artist, and have actually sold one or two paintings. But my choice in color may not be what you like. I like chocolate, you may prefer vanilla.

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We're trying to pick colors for our house exterior and the color viewer at is great (and free). You pick your house style and then select siding and trim and door colors. Lots of fun.