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Deck Design

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Deck Design (post #176300)

I'm in the process do designing a deck.  My home is a corner home, and my deck will be visible from both the front and side street.  I plan on having a multi-tier deck, with open steps going to a paver patio.  The deck height is 40" above grade in the back of my home, where I have a pair of French doors, but my grade slopes to about a 5%slope on the both sides that the deck will step down to.  My major concern is that I want to build the deck in "scale" and "proportion" to my current home.  My structure is approx 36' x 36' and a two story home.   I've tried applying the "golden rule" , but can't really picture the design.  I've also tried contacting some design firms, but no one wants to just design a deck.  All contacts only design if the labor is included as part of the job.   I can't see paying the price here in Northern VA for the labor, when I can do the labor myself.  I've poured footings, and built structures before.  Any suggestions on where I should look or what I should do?  I'm trying to get this done within the next two months so my family and I can enjoy this summer out doors.



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Seems you need to do a scale drawing of your deck and house,so that you can see the picture of the proportions.I think it's as simple as that.

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I think that you're right.  I'vd dons scale drawings, but just don't want to have an "eye sore" at the end of the project.



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Rather than design firms, maybe you could locate a local contractor that has built decks you like. I would think some contractors would gladly design a deck for a fee without having to do the heavy lifting of actually building it.

Or, try a landscape architect. They are used to drawing outdoor structures. Just don't rely on them for the structural part.

Or, maybe you could post a notice at a local architecture school. Maybe a talented student could draw something as an exercise.

Just thinking out loud.


Al Mollitor, Sharon MA

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Thanks for your input.  In my area, there is more work than firms.  I've checked with builders and landscape companies.  It's definitely a busy area, and no one seems to want to give up several hours of paid work for the big job.