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Help with my Cement Board

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Having gutted an old 1930's bath, I've rebuilt it bigger and included a glass shower. I've done the tile floor and marble in the shower and on top of the soaking tub deck. Here is my question:  I used cement board under the entire box that holds the soaking tub, including the side that runs down to the floor. I like that cement board is waterproof. I want to put wood beadboard on top of the cement board to give the bathroom a nice vintage look - I tried Liquid Nails but it won't hold the beadboard to the cement board - any suggestions for a product that will work?



PL Premium (post #189141, reply #1 of 2)

PL Premium

I have yet to find anything (post #189141, reply #2 of 2)

I have yet to find anything that PL Premium won't do a decent job on.


But in an area like this, you should think about the Azek beadborad instead of wood



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