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Insulation on ground under open deck?

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The house we bought has pink fiberglass insulation on the ground under the front deck. All the area under the deck seems to have a layer of pink insulation lying right on the open ground. Some of it's even buried under a light layer of dirt. This is a deck that's about 2 feet or so off the ground, with open spaces of 1/2 between the slats of the deck. The underside of the deck's not insulated; the insulation is lying on the ground.

Any reason why someone would do that? We're in Vermont, in case climate comes into it. It seems to have been there for a long while? Does it keep animals or wasps or something from digging holes or nesting under the deck?

I started to crawl under there and dig it out, but there's not a lot of space, there are some nails down in the dirt, and there's mold (I guess) on the fiberglass I pulled up that messed with allergies and made it hard to breathe.

So, what's up with this?


Jeff Lindholm

I'm gonna guess that there's (post #203836, reply #1 of 1)

I'm gonna guess that there's something under there they didn't want to freeze.  Something like a cistern, or shallow water or drain pipes.

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