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painted aluminum siding

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I am thinking about painting my old aluminum siding this spring. The siding was originally white, but now it's just a dingy whitish-grey, and the finish has gone "chalky". Re-siding is not an option right now, but I would really like to brighten up the look of the house. Does any one out there have any advice/experience wiht this?


Southern Ontario, Zone 6 (Canadian)/Zone 5b (US)

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Scrub the siding with TSP or TSP substitute and rinse. Wash from the bottom up or you will get streaks. (Everyone likes to argue about that, but trust me, starting from the bottom allows the soap and dirt to run down already soapy/dirty areas and therfore doesn't make streaks.) Let it dry. Get a good quality paint from a real paint store and add the additive they recommend (my paint store sold me Sherwin Williams paint and an additive that looked like yellow carpenter's glue).

Edited 1/13/2006 2:38 pm ET by Danno