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paver patio

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paver patio (post #206084)

I am putting in a paver patio and need to introduce some fill (6-8 inches) so there is no step down from the house.  I want a very stable patio and am wondering if it is better to backfill with rock or dirt.  If rock, what size works best? 



You probably want what's (post #206084, reply #1 of 3)

You probably want what's commonly reffered to as road base - a combination of gravel, rock chips and dirt that compacts well, but is pretty cheap and all the gravel pits sell it.

edit:  every gravel supplier is different so be sure and ask if they have another option they would recommend.   One place had to truck in road base, but had a huge supply of what they called river run gravel - a combination of various gravels from old river beds - in that case it was really pretty nice stuff other than a few large rocks and was much cheaper.

Another place had a pile of rock chips from under the crusher that they would sell for almost nothing - that would work well.

It's supply and demand - different gravel pits have differnt customers and the by products vary so you never know what you'll find.

If I could edit my location it would say I'm now in Reno :-)

Free draining material (post #206084, reply #2 of 3)

A free draining material should be used.  this will prevent potentials for heave, and damage to the brick from efflourescence. 

The material should be stable and granular, meaning that it is pretty coarse, and has quite a few fractured faces. 

.....and don't use coarse (post #206084, reply #3 of 3)

.....and don't use coarse fill up to the level of the bricks - allow a number of inches for a sand base. 

If I could edit my location it would say I'm now in Reno :-)