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Stamped Concrete for Porch Floor?

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We are building a farmhouse-style home with an L-shaped front entry porch and a true screened porch in back. We were considering composite decking until we took a look at stamped concrete and realized it would probably be much cheaper, maintenance-free, and more "permanent"-looking. We want a flagstone look with a rough texture. But I haven't seen examples of it used for porch floors, so I'm wondering if there's some reason to avoid it in that usage. Anyone have experience?

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I think it is a wise choice because it is so much more durable than wood.  I cannot think of a reason it would not work for a porch.

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No reason I can think of for why it wouldn't work.  I'm a bit confused by the "probably be much cheaper" part- stamped concrete is more expensive than composite decking.  I'm assuming you're taking into account the cost of the whole wood-framing system as well?  have you considered the cost of perimeter frost walls if necessary to support the slabs?


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I did my drive way with a cobblestone pattern. It is not easy, it is not a diyer type project. I have many mistakes, it looks bad. But would I do it again, in a heartbeat. but I would hire it out next time.

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I am currently undergoing the exact same project. L-Shaped porch will be screened in on the side though. I considered using stamp for the porch floor, but I have decided to go with a wood floor instead because I believe it follows the style of the house better. With a frame or ranch style home i.e. lap siding of some sort, it seems to me that wood or at least "wood look" gives you more of a porch feel to it, especially with a wrap around porch. Much more classy and inviting. It's almost like a deck. The concrete, although durable and good looking when stamped, is more of a patio style. It goes better with stucco or brick if you ask me. It's not to say that you can't wear sneakers with a tux, but dress shoes just look better. As for cost, when I compared the cost of building my home's foundation with crawl space (i.e. wood) and pouring a slab, the cost of the crawl space was approx 20% more expensive. Theres my 2 cents.Maybe with a few more donations, you'll finally have a dollar. Good luck with your project.


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It's interesting how stamped and stained concrete can look like a stone floor, depending on the pattern in the stamp.  I saw a bluestone-style stamped concrete porch and steps that I would have sworn was real!  It was on a wood-sided lodge-style house, and the two looked perfetly natural together.

There's a lot of variety that you can do with the stamped concrete, though, and depending on your house style, it could definitely clash.


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