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Trex Rainscapes DIY

mountainman72's picture

Greetings.   I lurked frequently on this forum while building my own home and got some helpful tips.  I wanted to contribute an idea to give back.  

I recently built a deck on our house over a walkout basement, so the deck is 10 ft in the air.  I wanted to block the rain somehow to create a dry outdoor workspace, but didn't like to Trex Rainscapes price tag.  (roughly $1200 for the area)

So I covered the top of the joists with Grace, bought 14" aluminum flashing (joists 12"OC), and made a trough between the joists pitched at 1/4 inch per foot.  Basically there is a real slight dip in the flashing at the start of the run, and then it runs down to a roughly 4" dip at the far end of the joist bay.  I stapled the flashing on both sides of the joist every few inches with stainless steel staples.  All materials were around $200.  

Cutting the Grace into strips, cutting the flashing, and custom bending every piece was time consuming.  This makes my solution probably unrealistic for a customer, but good for a cheap homeowner.  

I hope this helps someone who wants to avoid the Trex price tag.