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SW Door Exposure

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The front entrance of my residence is two years old.  The door is warping and checking badly.  I was informed that the finish is a water based polyurethane coating.  The door is made of mahogany, is 2.25" thick, and is 41" by 8'.  I feel the door is beyond salvation.  The home is in Nevada.  What should I specify for the next door so it can last more than two years?  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Well I've never been to Houston (post #196636, reply #1 of 3)

nor Nevada................I take that back-plane change in Houston.

When I think of Nevada I think of [JOBSITE WORD] houses, gambling and hot weather.

A SW exposure will beat the snot out of wood.  Dark painted wood would be the worst.  You have mahog. and that is dark when oiled-stained I guess would make it even darker.  This will absorb heat.  On the other side you have your indoor climate acting on the door...........

To have the finish be longer lasting, a real good UV inhibitive Spar Varnish will give you the best results.   Has the finish deteriorated?

Shading the door and using the UV Spar might give you half a chance. 

And all sides, top bottom etc were sealed?

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I would try to save the (post #196636, reply #2 of 3)

I would try to save the door.  Like Calvin said, avoid dark colors.  So I would probably paint it with a very high quality, lighter colored paint.  The warping may correct itself once the door is sealed.  The checks could be filled in with a wood filler before priming and painting.

I like the idea of these paints, the price, not so much.

Exterior door (post #196636, reply #3 of 3)

Spend the extra money and get a fiberglass door.