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Attaching Hand Rails to the Posts

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I'm building a railing for the first time and I'm not 100% confident I'm going to get great results attaching the hand rails to the posts.  I've done some investigating and a supplier gave me some rail bolts for attachment.  Through my internet research I only ever see one of these bolts being used per post.  I'm a little concerned if I only use one per post the rail could have a tendancy to twist.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Aaron, Do not be afraid.  (post #184871, reply #1 of 3)


Do not be afraid.  The rail bolt holds the entire balluster/rail system to the post.  Stability of the rail is taken care of by the attachment of the ballusters to the rail and the post to stair system..

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if jujst one carraige bolt (post #184871, reply #2 of 3)

if jujst one carraige bolt worries you(which it shouldn't, as previously stated) you could always send through four or five screws from the inside of your rim/band joist into the post along with the through bolt..

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Add a dowel if your worried. (post #184871, reply #3 of 3)

If you are worried about twisting add a dowel.