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Is Deck Flashing Needed

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Is Deck Flashing Needed (post #206122)

We are selling our home and the home inspector told us that we need deck flashing.  The problem is that our ledger bord is laged through our hardboard siding.  The siding was not cut off so that the ledger board could be under the siding.  Do I need flashing if the ledger board is on the outside of the siding?

You'll need more than flashing.......... (post #206122, reply #1 of 3)

if the ledger is not spaced off the siding and you do nothing.

Did he inspect all the connectors and deemed them acceptible?

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Yep, it's legit to lag the (post #206122, reply #2 of 3)

Yep, it's legit to lag the ledger in place with spacers, so there's a half-inch or so of space between the ledger and the siding.  Without the spacers, though, the situation is not "ideal".

The hard part of applying flashing after the fact is getting it under the decking.

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Hardboard siding won't last (post #206122, reply #3 of 3)

Hardboard siding won't last long where water sits between it and the ledger - there's not much to hardboard siding as it is, let alone using it as a sandwich between framing and the ledger.

It's not a best practice to leave it as it is even if flashed, but this forum has turned into handyman fix ups for cheap rentals, home sales, lowest cost repairs, house flippers and whatnot so what do I know.

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