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DW's 50th

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DW's 50th (post #175754)

OK this may have nothing to do with decorating but......its Katrina's 50th birthday Nov 8th (least I remembered after 23

She's really frugal and really doesn't want anything (so she says).

Her main love (besides me...yeh right..... is tennis).

She'll be gone that day with her real estate office to Las Vegas so I can't take her out to dinner or whatever......Thing is....who cares bout dinner....nothing special in that idea.

Jewlery.....yeh.....maybe but......geezzzzz.....just don't know what to get her thats out of the ordinary.....forget massages or a day at the spa....done that already.....I can't finish our circa:1680 house that week...already thought of hiring twenty guys while she's in Las Vegas but everyones super booked now (pre snow).


Be well


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Andy, what about a bunch of her favorite cupcakes or muffins arranged as a 5 and 0, and something you write from the heart in a card. You could milk the card thing all year if you say you promise her one compliment each week, and two more because you love her twice as much as ever :) (Then, of course, you must overperform - maybe one per day.)

If you have a baker nearby, they could make a tennis racket cake.

Do you know her favorite color or gemstone? That could be a hint.

It's certain she will be pleased with whatever you do.

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Hi Andy-

I usually post only over on Cooks Talk, but now that my DH and I are working on a big whole house renovation, a lot of what you guys are talking about here and at Breaktime is making a whole lot more sense. So, I have been lurking over here some. Hello everybody!

Like your wife, I love tennis and I tend to be pretty frugal too. Since she loves tennis, why don't you get her something tennis related, like a series of private lessons with a pro. The one thing that I love about tennis is that there is always something to learn. Serves can always be made stronger and faster and backhands can always be made more reliable and powerful. Maybe she could use a new racket? You could go all out and buy her a ball-machine. :) hehehe... :)

of course, if those ideas don't work, most women love diamond earrings. :)

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I was thinking he ought to get her one of those diamond "tennis bracelets," but earrings work too.  I don't suppose you want to put in a tennis court by the pool,  do you?  You could whip one up while she's on the Vegas trip.

Seriously, Mer's suggestion of lessons with a pro is fabulous.


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You've got 2 acres and you're doing construction, order an extra couple of yards of concrete and give her a court!

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We've already discussed having a court...seems people with courts are sorry they have them.

     They have to deal with asking people to leave which isn't a fun thing.

She loves going to different clubs around here....gets her out of the house and into different atmospheres.......specially outta this mud pile......Last year I sent her to a tennis camp she loves about two hours from here....Its called, "total Tennis". in Saugerties NY...check it out on line if you love tennis and live here in the north east.

Tennis braclet may work......even though it hasn't anything to do with tennis....but knowing Kate......She'd rather spend the thou or more in the house....oiy!

Be well


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Is there any piece of furniture she's been eyeing for the house? Maybe an antique to go with your old house?



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Trip to Wimbledon?

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now yer talkin.....aint that over though?

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Yeah, I think it's in June. So buy the plane tickets and reserve the hotel now and present them to her on her birthday, then she has 7 months to research all the players and decide whom to see. You probably also need to buy tickets to the major events like quarter, semi and finals ahead of time. But I'd think that watching the younger/lower ranked players would be fun too, maybe even less boring. I'd be willing to guess that there are travel agents who have 'Wimbledon packages' set up for the whole experience, if you aren't into planning your own trips.

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wowwwwwww great idea!

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