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fireplace surround

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we are redoing the inside of a 1890's  house.

due to budget, we put in a zero-clearance fireplace in the 12x14 living room.

we want to do a traditional wooden mantle.

we were thinking of dark marble to surround the fireplace, with wood around it, but the marble's too expensive ($1500).

any ideas for a nice, 'traditional' look that will be less expensive?

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Would marble tiles give you the look you are aiming for?

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Sorry for not noticing your post sooner.

Ceramic tile would be much less expensive and is more traditional.  It can be done yourself if you feel so inclined.  It's not difficult work so long as you do it according to good instructions and you are neat and meticulous about spacing and measurement.

Of course, you'd wish to select a style of tile appropriate to the time period.  Handmade tiles can add much to the cost, but have a more authentic look.  But, since the fireplace is not authentic, I think spending too much on handmade tile just for the look is not good value.

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If it's not too late, you could put a thin brick veneer surround.  It runs about 1/2" thick, and is often advertised for applications such as yours.  Just a thought.

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You could hire someone to do a faux finish that looks like marble--that is also traditional.