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Glue Removal

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I removed paneling from my plaster kitchen walls, and wonder why I have to remove old glue to  put up new paneling with new glue. Is this really  necessary? Why can't I put the new glue  and paneling over the old glue.

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Well, if you don't mind the (post #192231, reply #1 of 3)

Well, if you don't mind the irregular surface, I suppose you could apply glue over the old stuff.

Most of the time they say "remove the old glue" meaning they want you to get a smooth surface.  So, sand or scrape it smooth.  The remaining glue can stay.  It has held this long, and if it doesn't come off the wall when scraping, it will remain.

DISCLAIMER:  Check some of the new glue to be sure it sticks to the old stuff!!!  (Don't ask me how I know this).

old glue (post #192231, reply #2 of 3)

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BTW, I've found the scraper (post #192231, reply #3 of 3)

BTW, I've found the scraper blade on a MultiMaster to be good for scraping off construction glue.  Still tedious, though, and it will gouge a bit.

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