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Hi,Ya'll (post #175780)

This is my first time online.

Guess what?!

I get to start brand new!  Katrina (the Witch!) played Gone With the Wind with my house, as with everyone else's here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. So I get to view ALL options.

Got any ideas on "How to Build a House on $1.95 a Day"?

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Welcome. Sorry about your house! Where do you live? I went down there and worked with a church (Christus Victor) in Ocean Springs (near Biloxi) that was helping people rebuild. Maybe they or another church could help you.

If you want to post where there are lots more (though sometimes a bit on the surly side!) replies, try Breaktime (when you are feeling buff!). Lots of contractors and tradesmen/women there.

Best wishes with your house!

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Thank you for your kind words, and bless you for coming to our rescue.  We do not know what we would do without the precious church groups who have come to help us.  One pastor, just recently, stated a public apology, saying "I'm sorry.  We did not know it was this bad; all we heard about was New Orleans."  He promised that his church was with us for the long haul, and would keep sending volunteers for years.  It is people like you and this pastor....and yes, President Bush, who was just here to give the commencement address at our local community college (a first for any President) and told us again that he would not forget us; ya'll are the ones who will help us pull through.

For we were hungry and you gave us meat, thirsty and you gave us drink, naked and you clothed us.  We were sick and overwhelmed, and you visited us.


Ocean Springs.  I worked at the Hampton I-10 and Washington until recently.  Unless you've been here, like you have, it cannot be imagined or described.

And thanks for the tip about the breakroom.  When I'm feelin' ten feet tall and bullet proof, I'll throw open the saloon doors and saunder in.  Thanks again for your kindness.



PS The paper is printing before and after pictures now.  Go to the website

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Storm damage (post #175780, reply #3 of 4)

We just got hit up here in the Northeast. Hoping you figured out how to get everything fixed up. Now it's our turn.

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Hi....I am Markham Cornoit. I (post #175780, reply #4 of 4)

Hi....I am Markham Cornoit. I am new here . Hope I'll learn many things from here.