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Mendota: what's your experience ?

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We are adding a great room with a fireplace to our house . We've been ROUND AND ROUND on the gas vs wood issue...  have found a beautiful gas fire by Mendota (zero clearance gas fireplace).  Does anyone have any experience with Mendota? 

If you're in a similar boat (the great "gas vs wood" dilemma), I highly recommend checking them out (

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No experience with the Mendota brand, just a comment on the gas vs wood.  In some areas of the country, such as where I live in Utah, we have 'no-burn' days where we are not allowed to burn wood unless that is the sole source of heat (that is, no furnace exists) in the home. These no-burn days are because of air quality and they also tend to coincide with the weather being cold, just when you'd like a fire.  I have both a wood fireplace and a gas Waterford stove and the gas gets use all the time while the wood remains unused due to all the restrictions.

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Thanks aimless,

we're pretty much set on this gas fireplace... the environmental impact is a biiiig selling pt for us.  And the flame on this one is really nice... so much better (to our eyes) than any we've seen.  Hoping some Mendota-owners would check in abt it.  I appreciate your feedback! --- all the more confirmation that we think we are doing what's right for us~  best wishes