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Raising sunken living room

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I am wanting to raise my sunken living room. It is sunk 6".  Thinking of using 2*4's and 1 layer of particle board with good quality plywood on top.  New wood or lamiinate floor will be on top of that.  Wondering if this will bring the floor up to the level of the other floors and if this will work.  Though of ripping 2*6's 3/4 inch and laying 1 layer of plywood.  Which would be best???

I'd not use particle board. (post #210118, reply #1 of 1)

Particleboard has very little: strength, nail holding ability, and moisture resistance.  How level is the existing floor?  What is the existing floor made of?  I think you may want to use 2x4 lumber and one layer of T&G  plywood flooring underlayment. First shim up the 2x4 framing to be flat and at the level to match the existing flooring to the new. 

Is the new flooring going to be nailed down, free floating, or glued down?