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stone scars

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stone scars (post #175767)

Any ideas on dealing with scratches and nicks from rough handling during installation of a hard quarried ledgestone used on interior walls and a threeway fireplace?

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I'll put my two cents worth in until more qualified people give you better answers--either do more "distressing" of the stone to make it look like it's that way on purpose (or through years of aging, or try to mix a colored epoxy to match and fill them.

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You might try brushing on a darkening stone sealer (just on the scratched and nicked areas). We see this problem a lot with cultured concrete stone (it comes in palleted bundles and is scratched right out of the container. We have not found a fix for that. We have gotten by telling the customer that it is cultured and not real and that it is one consequence of saving money over real stone.