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Wood Fired Furnaces - Recommended Brands

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I've been looking at wood fired furnaces for several years now and have read up on them.  (I live way back in the woods so I have no nearby neighbors and plenty of firewood.  I also installed radiant heat pex tubing in the floor to my basement and under portions of my first floor when I build the house.  I have not hooked the piping up to a heat source yet.)

Stainless steel fire box, water tank and fire brick all seem important to the overall well being and longevity of the unit. 

Does anybody have any recommendation on manufacturers?

Thanks for any comments and recommendations


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Have you looked at ? They have wood and coal stoves and fireplaces that stand up to heavy duty use. You can burn wood in a coal stove but not coal in a wood stove so consider the coal stove for dual use. I too have many acres of land with free fire wood but burn coal during the very cold spells.


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 Thanks for the comment/recommendation.  I'll look into it.