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wood floor over concrete Dry sunroom

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This is the first time on a  chatroom so, and on the internet so work with me. I'm a builder not a computor geek. I want to install 3/4" wood floor over a dry concrete slab. It's an existing sunroom thats part of the home, currently carpeted and dry. i'm not too worried about transitions to the other rooms. I need some ideas on what type of underlayment to use. I was going to put down Ice and water shield first.

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You may want to also ask your question at the Breaktime forum; there are lot's of carpenters and contractors there.

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You could go the traditional route and put PT sleepers on the concrete, then the floor over it.

Have you looked a dricore? I thinks its made for what you are trying to do. The only issue would be in how much height you can allow the floor assembly to take up.

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Hey TTF thanks for the website connection, I just read all their info, It says I can use and engineered wood floor but does not say anything about traditional nail down, which leads me to believe they don,t want me nailing and possibly putting hole in their plastic liner. I might just go that route because of ease of use and possible warmer feeling from the isolation. My client wouldn't mind engineered flooring, nor would they even know the difference.  thanks again, this is only the 2nd time i have ever used the internet. at 42 i figure its about time.


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You can use Bostic Best urethane and glue it down.  The Urethane adhesive becomes an impermeable barrier.

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Parquet tiles installed over dry basement concrete floor about 15 to 20 yrs ago; glued down & have never incurred problem even when we had a flood of water hit in nearby area as result of outside plastic pipes freezing, thawing & separating.  While water did not enter basement, the block walls did show evidence of water (humidity)which is how the pipe problem was discovered.