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Wood vs laminate

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Wood vs laminate (post #175782)

Hi Everyone,
This is my first time on this discussion page. I just bought an issue of Great Homes from Taunton and it was excellent. Would anyone know the pros and cons of using laminate (Pergo style) materials versus engineered wood floors. I understand according to consumers magazines that laminate is durable but that engineered wood floors has denting issue as well as uv fading problems from sunlight. Any suggestions. Thanks

Jeff D

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I thought engineered wood was like Pergo--a laminate. Maybe you can clarify. I would think that laminate floors like Pergo would be less susceptible to denting than solid wood. You may also try asking your question at the Breaktime forum (go to top of this page in the green box right after "Other Taunton Sites" and click).

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There is much confusion in the laminate engineered wood saga. Laminate is layers of paper with a picture of the wood covered with this finish that is very tough to dents, sunlight etc. Its mostly made up of what I call "formica" type material on the top. Engineered wood has ####layer of real wood on top of multiple thin layers of mostly other wood products. The top of the wood is finished with a tough factory finished coating.

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Okay. I've heard that the flooring with bamboo is pretty tough--imagine that'd be hard to dent.

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Well I did some reading this weekend, I'll probably go with the engineered wood, no matter how many times I look at the laminate floors I yearn for some kind of real wood.