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Xmas Present for the wife?

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I originally posted this in FH, but I figured I might get a higher response from the women folks. I originally asked what some might be getting their wives, girlfriends, and mistresses for Xmas, or similar holiday. I am curious, though, what some women might like to receive. Predicting things that are wanted are never good/easy for the guys.

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Kudos for your concern about an appropriate Xmas gift! Since you are on this site I assume you are skilled. How about utilizing a gift that plays on your skills? Coupons from you that promise to do specified projects or "extras" she may have mused about or asked for previously are always welcome if you actually follow up and perform the tasks. We want things that will ease our work burdens (most of us hold down jobs and kids too), reaffirm to us you think we are beautiful to you (something silly like a poem composed by you and read on one knee), take us away from reality for awhile (dinner shows, getaways) or give us more time with our mates (take up a joint hobby or education together). Victoria's Secret items are really for you. We'd rather have you send us to a spa for the day and perform all the routine house care, cooking, and child work so it's done when we return. Do the above and I guarantee you won't need those nighties :>)! P.S. Your personal cleanliness is a much wanted bonus. As Jeff Foxworthy said, no we don't want any dead animals for our living room wall.

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  I need a price range! Here's a list of related themes, ranked in order of expenditure:

1 month cruise of South Pacific

2 week cruise of Hawaii or Alaska

2 week cruise of the Caribbean

1 week at a Bed and Breakfast in Taos, NM

3 days at a Bed and Breakfast in the Smokeys.

1 week of you doing ALL housework: cleaning, cooking, laundry, and not complaining for even a second. At least 3 meals need to be real cuisine.

Even though the last is the cheapest, it is still priceless.


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I'm with aimless.  I have all the "stuff" I want.  If I need a particular item, like a tool, I'd rather pick it out myself.  All those trips and weekends sound great.  Even a nice dinner out is a treat.

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Well if "some" women find out you have a mistress you'll be getting a divorce notice in your stocking. Then they will receive over half of all your worth.

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Sorry. Xmas 2005 has been cancelled in my home. The employer's Anti-Bonus is costing us $6K. Merry Xmas!