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I'm just a long haired country boy(ok middle aged man) living down in rural South Mississippi... I am that proverbial jack of all trades and master of none. My interest are cooking, motorcycles, outdoors, metal detecting, auctions, reading, and so much more... I joined this site in hopes of learning from the acquired knowledge of all here who are willing to share said knowledge. Some projects that I hope to be taking on soon are building a garage, a large lean to type open air shed with a small man cave on top, a lean to that covers an area between two existing storage buildings so that it can become a dry storage area, and last but not least, I would really like to build a micro cabin from the ground up. I am fixing to convert a pre-made 12' x 16' stick framed storage building into a micro cabin and then I hope that not long after that I can get started on my garage. The lean to's will more than likely be a combination of steel and stick, especially the one that I want my man cave on top of... Since I live out in the woods, code is not an issue that i will have to deal with, but I will be wanting to build structures stronger than the code for this area would call for if I had to abide by it.


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